Son of Diana Dors and Alan Lake Tells All…And It’s Tough Going!

Being the child of a film star may seem like a blissfully indulgent place to be, but most of the time there’s little to be envious of, especially after reading Jason Dors-Lake’s story.

Did he triumph over tragedy, or did his life become one long, drawn out tragedy?  You decide.

Read the article below for more.

Article HERE

Above photo: Diana Dors in her prime.

Below photo: Jason’s book cover, “Connecting Dors: The Legacy of Diana Dors”

You can buy your copy HERE


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5 responses to “Son of Diana Dors and Alan Lake Tells All…And It’s Tough Going!

  1. PGreen

    It appears this self published book is generating publicity for its salacious content. I have trouble with the son’s recollection of being giving alcohol by his father at 12 months old. How did he remember this?

  2. PGreen

    Although Alan Lake was indeed grief stricken as his son states he was also suffering from a brain tumor at the time of his suicide. Strange this article fails to mention that very important factor in his suicide.

  3. Wow what a life, I know now sad it is to lose your parents and the way he lost his was devastating indeed. I hope the book is a success.

  4. PGreen

    Diana Dors was very popular in the UK at the time of her death Lisa. She had a good personality and was constantly on TV. Her sexy days were behind her and she was very good at playing the villain. Didn’t take herself too seriously but also didn’t suffer fools gladly. It was sad when she died. In comparison Alan Lake was rough around the edges and not particularly successful outside of TV guest roles and as his son says, soft porn films. His death was still a shock though.
    But if you take a look at Amazon reviews you’ll see a family feud in action. Worth a read in itself.

  5. Moderator

    Yeah, it seems one son isn’t too fond of the this book and he’s taken to an Amazon review to express his opinion. Others have chimed in and as Paul said, it’s a very interesting read.

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