Lupe Velez in “The Mexican Spitfire” Series – Buy It! You Won’t Be Disappointed! have “The Mexican Spitfire” series starring Lupe Velez and Leon Errol on sale for $44.99 plus FREE shipping. This is an EIGHT movie set, so for less than $6 per film, you have hours of laughs ahead of you.

“The Mexican Spitfire” series is great entertainment for the whole family.

Lupe Velez is “The Girl from Mexico” (1939), the first film that started the hilarious spin-off series. The hot-tempered Carmelita Fuentes, a south-of-the-border showgirl who sets her exquisite eyes on marrying an American publicity agent (Donald Woods). This diverting comic musical that launched a subsequent series for RKO co-stars Linda Hayes, Leon Errol. Errol plays a hilarious dual role in “Mexican Spitfire” (1940), which picks up the saga of Velez and Woods as newlyweds; “Mexican Spitfire Out West” (1940), finds Velez planning a surprise for her husband, but suddenly suspects he’s cheating on her; “Mexican Spitfire’s Baby” (1941) brings a 20-year-old orphan into the household; “Mexican Spitfire at Sea” (1942) mines laughs from the couple’s second honeymoon; “Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost” (1942), which makes for many spooky laughs; “Mexican Spitfire’s Elephant” (1942) turns on a wild jewel heist; and “Mexican Spitfire’s Blessed Event” (1943) makes for the purr-fect capper to the series. 9 1/4 hrs. total on four discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.


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