The Return of The Three Stooges

I have to admit, for as long as I’ve heard about the rumblings of a Three Stooges film being in the works, I’ve been skeptical. Making an entertaining film is difficult, but making an entertaining film that imitates one of the greatest comedy teams ever…well, I was concerned that all sorts of bad was going to happen. I’m not a fan of remakes and even biopics are hit or miss…mostly MISS. So, finding three guys to imitate such iconic characters and be able to pull it off convincingly, let alone well, the concept was about as far-fetched as any original Stooges script ever was!

That said, the first saving grace was the safety net known as the Farrelly Brothers. Lifelong Stooge fans themselves, I knew they’d give them the respect they deserved. Phew! But, the casting was another concern…a BIG one!

Several actors were rumored to be cast in the roles of the lovable threesome, but it was Sean Hayes (Larry), Will Sasso (Curly) and Chris Diamantopoulos (Moe) who ended up filling the shoes of the original characters. Hard shoes to fill, for sure. Gutsy? You bet!

However, it appears they’ve pulled off the unimaginable task and one that I never thought I’d admit to..

 …Yep, Sean, Will and Chris ARE The Three Stooges!

I’m yet to read a bad review for the film, and the various trailers that I’ve seen have been hilariously funny. Of course, I’m still waiting for the film to open here in Australia and I’ll be in line to buy my ticket when it does. My hubby and six year old son will be there too.

The Three Stooges were always good-natured fun. A stress relief, a kooky laugh, a bit of silliness to ease the harsh realities of life. Okay, okay, the odd poke in the eye and the pulling of perfectly good teeth got a few parents upset, but these days, as a parent myself, there’s a whole lot more in the world to be upset over, and a whole lot more violence for kids to see than some cleverly staged, hilariously funny Three Stooges schtick!

In any case, this is a film that I’m really, REALLY looking forward to seeing.

Congratulations to all involved, firstly to the Farrelly Brothers for respecting the legacy of The Stooges and bringing them back for modern-day audiences to enjoy, but especially to Sean, Will and Chris, for resurrecting Larry, Curly and Moe in such an authentic, masterful, zany way.

You know, somewhere, Larry, Moe and Curly are laughing their asses off and giving you guys a well-deserved round of applause…and maybe a poke, a slap and a head boink…or two 😉

See the trailer below.

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19 responses to “The Return of The Three Stooges

  1. PGreen

    “According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Catholic League is not happy about the film’s depiction of nuns, in particular, the characters of Larry David and Kate Upton.
    In “Stooges,” David portrays Sister Mary-Mengele. The name is a nod to the late Nazi Josef Mengele, an SS Officer who decided prisoners’ fates at Auschwitz. As for Upton, it’s not so much her character’s name — Sister Bernice — as it is her attire. During one scene, the SI swimsuit model dons a very revealing swimsuit along with a large rosary around her neck.”

    • Matt

      Anything that shakes up the Catholic League has to be looked at as a good thing. Sort of flies in the face of all the allegations constantly tossed at all the “pious” brothers and priests with groping hands. The League would sure go and defend those poor bastards. Comedy works best when it slashes in all directions. The film makers should wear the disdain of the Catholic Leagues proudly. Didn’t all the members of the Monty Python group get excommunicated after “The Life of Brian” was released? The Catholic League …… what a joke!

  2. PGreen

    A bad review Michelle from the San Francisco Chronicle.
    It’s just not enough to say that “The Three Stooges,” the latest from the Farrelly brothers, is the death of comedy. Rather, it’s the death, burial, putrefaction and decomposition of comedy. It is where comedy, once alive, ends up as dust blowing in the wind, like something out of a really bad Kansas song.

    Read more:

    • Matt

      Another review by a reviewer who firstly sees himself as the personality giving a review rather than the review itself. Mick LaSalle, now there is a house hold name. I have got to admit “The Three Stooges,” the latest from the Farrelly brothers, is the death of comedy. Rather, it’s the death, burial, putrefaction and decomposition of comedy. It is where comedy, once alive, ends up as dust blowing in the wind, like something out of a really bad Kansas song.” is a hell of a mouthful. LaSalle must have worked long and hard on that one. Once again, a review like this should be looked at with pride by the film-makers.

      • Matt

        I never said that LaSalle is a novice. I merely implied that he apparently likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Years ago there was a theater and film critic at New York Magazine. John Simon was his name. He was known, known mind you, for slamming nearly anything and everything. A bad review by Simon was looked forward to. You yourself are a writer, you yourself have suffered reviews by people who are unsuccessful, wannabe writers themselves. Let the audiences themselves, be it for movies, theater or books, make their own opinion and determine the success or failure of the project.

  3. PGreen

    Leonard Maltin was unimpressed and sees the exercise as pointless.
    …In this case, we aren’t dealing with live performance; the real Stooges are alive and well, on film. Why not reissue some of their best comedies and put them back on the big screen instead of settling for a Xerox copy?

    • Matt

      I like Leonard Maltin, I really do. But face facts here. Leonard Maltin is the King of the Film Geeks. He is the one who got lucky and made a name and place for himself in the mainstream. That still doesn’t change his roots. He would have to HATE this film, he would have to HATE the very idea of this film. The film is treading on what is, to Leonard, very sacred ground. This is not a bio-pic, it is the re-inventing of old characters. Moe Howard, when he himself was older, once said that he would like to see the characters go on with other actors. Moe Howard, Jerome (Curly) Howard and Larry Fine were actors playing those characters. The Three Stooges did not exist in real life. If Moe Howard himself endorsed this idea, everyone else, even the sanctimonious film geeks, should step aside.

  4. PGreen

    Okay I’ve given you a taste of the critics of this film. What do I think? I’ve only seen clips but my reasoning is the same as Maltin’s. What’s the point when the original films exists? The Three Stooges was a film series like Laurel & Hardy based on the talents of the original actors. You can’t simply hijack the concept with lookalike actors. It’s nothing more than a “tribute band’ approach. Ultimately of little value.

    • Matt

      Okay Paul, it seems that I have been attacking your comments one by one. Your opinion is your opinion and that is valid unto itself. You know yourself, as a writer, that the people you write about were not adored across the board. You sure can’t please everybody. I myself first went to look at Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of Chaplin with a jaundiced eye. How could anyone presume to play the man? I was wrong. Downey did a hell of a good job. Again, this film is not a bio-pic, these actors are not portraying the original actors but the original actors’ characters. If it is a
      “tribute band” approach, so what? Beethoven’s music would be lost to time if modern day orchestras didn’t perform the music. It sure would be nice to see a new Beatles concert but that can’t be. We haven’t seen the film yet either but I’m looking forward for it to hit Australia. The few film clips I have seen (and yeah, I know the best bits are always in the clips) have looked pretty good. One gag even got me laughing out loud which is a rarity for me. I was one of those kids who had to watch the Stooges’ films on the sly. I was told they were too violent and a bad influence. So to me the Three Stooges were forbidden rather than passion fruit. I don’t hold them up as “godly” today. I’ll look to the film with an open eye. It sure seems the actors playing the characters cared about the characters as well as the original men who created them. Lighten up Paul, give it a chance. If this film introduces the comedy concept to a new generation that missed the original, the original films as well as the legacy of Moe, Larry and Curly will also benefit. (Where is Shemp? Shemp Howard was always my favorite?)

      • PGreen

        I’m not big on bio-pics or re-imagining old screen characters or TV shows for a new generation Matt. It’s just a personal preference. The original Three Stooges were okay. Basic slapstick. Sometimes I laughed and sometimes I turned off. To be honest their films weren’t shown often in
        England. Laurel and Hardy were my favorites growing up and were shown every Saturday morning. This new film isn’t something I’d pay to watch.

  5. Erika

    Yesterday at Work I think you 2 would have banned these clients also…

    Had a guy & his 4 & 6 yr old boys come up to Customer Service & ask if I had any books on the Stooges. I asked if they were looking for the Original or a book about the New Film. Oh Either or. I did have the Stooges Scrapbook and as I handed it to him I told him there are also some of the
    Original Stooge’s DVD’s at 50% today also. He told me his kids don’t like to watch B&W movies. But wants them to know who this new film is replacing therefore the need of the book. It’s a shame I couldn’t take the book out of his hands & ban him from the store without losing my job. ( I swear I will be Bernard from Black’s Books if I ever have my own shop)

    Between that & the guy who wanted to return his CD of Chaplin Movie Scores because he didn’t realize it was done by the Czech Symphony Orchestra & Chaplin films use good old country Music like Hank sang & BTW do I know Hank, I look pretty young & well Hank’s songs are something I would never know as he’s been dead a LONG time… Anyway on this CD he bought 5 minutes ago, is NOT the country Music Charlie used in his films & we need to take it back & destroy it. I started reciting the first verse to There’s Tear in my Beer, until the manager showed up. He seemed surprised.

    #1 Don’t mess with THE Old School COUNTRY GIRL,
    #2 Chaplin used Country Music? Really? I guess I always felt his soundtracks were more Jazz-ish…

    I haven’t been hearing good reports about the stooge film, but than again sometimes I just a film that makes me laugh & forget everything for a little while. This will most likely be one of them & for me that is alright.

  6. PGreen


  7. Moderator

    There are a lot of puritans out there, none more so than the Catholic League…needless to say, they’re mentioned a lot in my Marilyn Monroe book! You know what they say, “never discusss religion and politics,” so if you make fun of either one, sure it’s gonna get you in trouble. You know me, Paul, I’m not a fan of remakes and badly cast biopics, but the Three Stooges were actors playing characters, just as this new film is actors playing characters. As Erika said, many children these days don’t like black and white films. If Ryan has a choice between black and white or color, he’ll ALWAYS choose the latter. That said, he loves Laurel and Hardy and Chaplin, but it’s our brainwashing that’s done that, for sure 🙂 If this film is a success, it WILL prompt people to seek out the originals, and that can only be positive. I don’t see this film as anything but a respectful nod to the guys that came before them. As they say, “imitation is the finest form of flattery”.

  8. Erika

    I do like the fact that the Farrelly Bros. are giving some of the Proceeds to the original Three Stooges families. That also has me possibly considering seeing it on a rainy day.

  9. Moderator

    I didn’t know that, Erika. That’s nice 🙂

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