Silent Animal Stars

Many of Hollywood’s earliest stars were of the four-legged variety. I’ve long been fascinated with animal actors and I will most likely explore the subject in a future book. For now, have a read of the article at the link below:

Article HERE


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2 responses to “Silent Animal Stars

  1. Diane

    That sounds like a fun topic!! There are a few books out there on animal actors… Not So Dumb: Animals in the Movies by Raymond Lee (1970). And there are other books out there that focus on individual “stars” like the dog that played Toto, RinTinTin, Cheetah. I think there may be a couple on some horse actors as well.

  2. Moderator

    Yeah, I have the 1970 book…it’s looooong outta print. There have been individual bios but a lot of the animal stars, especially from the silents, have been overlooked.

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