J’Adore Perfume Commercial Featuring Monroe, Dietrich and Kelly…Oh, and Charlize Theron too.

After doing some research, I’m about a year late on this one, but I just saw this ad on television for the first time. Thanks to the wonders of CGI, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Grace Kelly are featured in the Dior commercial (see clip below) for their perfume, J’Adore.  A nod to these classic Hollywood beauties is reason enough to buy the perfume. A round of applause for Dior!


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8 responses to “J’Adore Perfume Commercial Featuring Monroe, Dietrich and Kelly…Oh, and Charlize Theron too.

  1. Diane

    It’s a beautiful commercial… can’t view your link as I am at work, but have seen it on the telly many times. I don’t normally give commercials alot of my attention, so I am sure I sort of watched it a few times before first noticing Grace Kelly… my heart skipped a beat and after that I really paid attention when it came on so I could see who else they included!

  2. I love this commercial and the perfume smells so good too!

  3. Moderator

    I was the same, Diane. Not paying attention, then I looked up and saw Marilyn and did a double take. I’ll have to track down the perfume and have a sniff 🙂 I have quite the perfume collection…I could easily add one more!

  4. Erika

    I must be a minority, I really don’t like that they do that. I fine with using clips, I am unsettled when they splice in living people interacting with them. I will admit it’s a Striking ad, and grabs my attention EVERY time it’s on. I also LOVE the dress Charlize wears.

    about Perfumes – Tried Burberry’s new one called – Body this week – Let’s just say it really does not work on me..

  5. Moderator

    And, Hollywood has always been an illusion. Let’s not forget that the estate of each actress would have approved the commercial too. Oh yeah, which brings me to add…Hollywood has always been about money too 🙂

  6. Suellen Pellat

    Hi Michelle!! It’s been a while!! I really liked this commercial, I think it is very glamourous and well done…The only thing I didn’t like is the song. I loved when they used Nina Simone’s songs for the two previous years.

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