Did YOU know Marilyn Monroe?

I’m now in the home stretch of my Films of Marilyn Monroe book. With about 10,000 words left to write, I’d like to know that I’ve approached everyone possible for their thoughts and opinions on Marilyn Monroe’s career. Let it be said that while there are still several people alive who associated with Marilyn Monroe, not many of them are willing to talk. Or, for some reason, they agree to an interview and then back out. As a writer, it’s frustrating beyond belief. The tight-lipped group of individuals left who can possibly shed some light on her life are refusing to talk. While there’s been a lot of books written about Marilyn Monroe over the years, believe me, we haven’t even touched the sides when it comes to knowing it all.

In any case, if you knew Marilyn Monroe, or know of someone who knew her, please contact me at – mvozus@gmail.com



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3 responses to “Did YOU know Marilyn Monroe?

  1. What about the technical advisors on “My week with Marilyn”? Alot of them are still alive. Or Colin himself?

  2. Moderator

    Colin Clark died in 2002, or thereabouts, Lisa. Didn’t live to see the film come to fruition. Which technical advisors are you alluding to?

  3. A beautiful, smart, savy actress who played the “dumb blonde” with panache. Laurence Olivier said it best about her: “She was exploited beyond anyone’s means.”. Maybe women didn’t think Marilyn was perfect….but men sure did.

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