Hedren labels Hitchcock – “Evil” and “Dangerous”



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2 responses to “Hedren labels Hitchcock – “Evil” and “Dangerous”

  1. erika

    The dead can’t defend themselves and it seems strange that Kim Nova hasn’t made the same accusations. Kim seems to be very honest when asked about her career, so something seems to me a bit strange here. I will admit that Hitchcock was a bit creepy. And this doesn’t really surprise me.

  2. Moderator

    Yeah, she does seem to have him in the gun all the time. Who knows what happened? As you say, it’s only one side to the story. He was a bizarre fella, but that’s what made him “Hitchcock,” he may have been a bit perverse, but hardly a lothario! The sexual harassment bit got me…Hollywood was built on the casting couch! I don’t think sexual harassment suits exist within the Hollywood system…it’s part of it!

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