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Lupe Velez Book – Available NOW!

I’m thrilled to announce that my latest book, Lupe Vélez: The Life and Career of Hollywood’s “Mexican Spitfire” is now available for immediate shipment if ordered directly from my publisher. The official publication date was July 11, 2012!

I’m yet to receive my copies, but if anyone else receives their order before me, I’d really love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Massive thanks again to my family and friends (you know who you are) for your loyal and enthusiastic support along the way 🙂

Order HERE


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Look Out! My Lupe Velez book will be printed THIS WEEK!

Lupe Vélez: The Life and Career of Hollywood’s “Mexican Spitfire” will be printed THIS WEEK!

This means it’ll be distributed soon after. For the quickest delivery method, please place your order DIRECTLY with my publisher.

Thank you for all your beautiful, supportive and heartfelt comments.

I can’t wait to share Lupe’s wonderful, exhilarating, yet exceedingly sad story with you all 🙂


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Lupe Velez and Amazon Pre-Orders…

Just a little note here to let everyone know why their Amazon pre-orders were canceled.

The release date on Amazon was set for June 30th…since this date wasn’t updated in their system, the pre-orders were automatically canceled 😦 If your order was canceled via Amazon, I sincerely apologize.

If you would like to reorder the  book, please do so via my publisher. This will ensure you the quickest delivery. As of this morning, I was notified that the book will be printed on July 9th and released by the end of the month.

Order HERE

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Lupe and Gary…

…a fine example of how Gary Cooper looked (on many occasions) after Lupe was done with him!


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Lupe’s Proofs Are…Done!

It’s been two weeks of solid work, but I’m happy to report that the Lupe Velez proofs are DONE!

Everything will be sent back to the publisher on Monday, June 25, in time for the scheduled July 7th printing. Distribution will be shortly after that date, but the printing and release date is somewhat fluid and all depends on how long it’ll take for the publisher to make my corrections.

Order HERE


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The Original Lupe Vélez Biopic…and the Star Who “Almost” Played Her…

It’s always lovely to personally hear from the children of actors and actresses from the golden age of Hollywood. This morning was no exception. I was pleased to receive an unexpected e-mail from the son (Eugene Biscardi) of Puerto Rican actress/singer/dancer, Marquita Rivera (1922-2002).

Back in the late-forties, Marquita was personally chosen by Mexican filmgoers (in a poll) to star in a biopic about Lupe’s life and career, however, legal matters, most notably from Lupe’s still-grieving family, put a stop to it.

Eugene said, “…The film production was put on hold because of the circumstances surrounding Lupe’s suicide. Her mother would not consent to the film rights. It was an outrageous scandal at the time.”

All these years on, to this day, there is still yet to be a biopic that has come to fruition. However, just this week, I’ve had two parties interested in obtaining the film rights to my book. Maybe, just maybe, “I’ll” break the cycle 😉

Stay tuned…

Thanks again to Eugene for the beautiful photo of his mom (below) and for contacting me! 🙂


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The Lupe Vélez Proofs Are In…

…which means I’ll be hibernating for a few weeks to get them done and back to the publisher for printing.

As “Arnie” says, “I’ll be back!” 😉


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*Breaking News* Lupe Velez Bio-Pic Starring Ana De La Reguera Just Announced!

This just in…

The below link announces an upcoming Lupe Velez biopic starring beautiful Mexican actress, Ana De La Reguera. My Lupe Velez book is mentioned twice within the relatively short article, but I’m yet to hear from producers of the film. As far as I know, my publisher hasn’t heard from them either.

It’s early days yet, but with the film already announced I do hope they do the right thing by Lupe Velez (and myself) by utilizing my years of research to tell her story the way it should be told. However, that would mean buying the film rights to my book. Again, I’ve heard nothing from producers.

Ana De La Reguera follows me on Twitter so she’s aware of my book. I’ve sent her a direct message to find out more information. We’ll see what happens…

Article HERE


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Foreign Rights Agent For Lupe Velez Bio Wanted

With my upcoming Lupe Velez bio just months away from publication, I am seeking a literary agent who deals in foreign rights. I’m particularly interested in a Spanish translation.

If you can help, please contact me at –

About the Book:

Here is the first extensive, full-length biography and career record on the life and work of Mexican whirlwind Lupe Velez (1908-1944). Over the years many crude myths have surfaced about Velez, the most notorious that she “died with her head in the toilet.” This biography not only studies Lupe’s personal life and career–including her tempestuous marriage to Johnny Weissmuller–but also examines her death in detail. It has been almost seven decades since her untimely end; at long last, the ugly rumors and myths are debunked–for good.

Included are never-before-told family stories and photographs from Lupe’s second cousin, and an analysis of the actress’s lasting influence on popular culture. The foreword by Oscar-winning film historian Kevin Brownlow focuses on the fact and fancy behind Lupe Velez’s colorful public image.

Contact Michelle Vogel –

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A Few New Coming Attraction Slides

As many of you know, we collect coming attraction slides. Here’s three new ones, two Olive Borden’s and one Lupe Velez with Douglas Fairbanks, in The Gaucho.

If anyone reading this post has coming attraction slides for sale, please contact me –


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