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How Far is Too Far???

Well, The National Enquirer have snared the Holy Grail of Whitney Houston photos – her very last…lying in her casket! And of course it made the front cover of the latest issue. Not surprisingly, it’s caused a storm of controversy.

The photo was taken at her “private viewing,” so it was either taken by a friend, family member…or funeral home associate. To think that someone may have been invited to the private viewing because they were a trusted member of Houston’s inner circle and then turned around to profit from the moment, well, that’s pretty horrendous.

How far is too far? – THAT’S too far!

As for The National Enquirer publishing the photo. Poor taste has nothing to do with it. It’s business. They’re in the business to sell magazines. It’s photos like Whitney’s last that sells magazines. Why? Because the public want to see those types of photos. They do. She’s not the first celebrity lying in his/her casket that we’ll see on the front cover…and she won’t be the last.

I can guarantee you that most people who scream bloody murder over the casket photo being published have still picked up the magazine to look at the photo with their own eyes, maybe even bought a copy. Yeah, it’s shocking. But so is the fact that Whitney Houston is dead and buried…the photo isn’t the problem, it’s the reality of it.

And, remember these shocking NE covers…


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The Nun Who Kissed Elvis…

“Actress,” Dolores Hart will once again walk the red carpet at this year’s Oscar ceremony. She, unlike most, has appeared at Hollywood’s most prestigious night…at two very opposite ends of the spectrum. The first time was in 1962, as a budding twenty-three year old actress, she gave Elvis his first onscreen kiss…now seventy-three, decades after she turned her back on her career, she will walk the red carpet again – as a real-life nun!

Hart is the subject of a documentary about her life, and yes, it’s nominated for an Oscar!

Come Oscar night, I’ll certainly be cheering for God Is Bigger Than Elvis.

Read the article below. What a GREAT story!

Article HERE

Below: That Kiss!

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The Oscars! Can YOU Pick a Winner???

With the 84th Annual Academy Awards only days away, I thought it would be fun to try and predict a few winners. Feel free to post a comment and let me know who YOU think might take home an Oscar…make sure it’s BEFORE the results though 😉

Okay, here’s MY predictions (in red):



The Artist


The Descendants

The Tree of Life

Midnight in Paris

The Help


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close


Terrence Malick – The Tree of Life

Woody Allen – Midnight in Paris

Martin Scorsese – Hugo

Alexander Payne – The Descendants

Michel Hazanavicius – The Artist


Brad Pitt – Moneyball

Gary Oldman – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Jean Dujardin – The Artist

George Clooney – The Descendants

Demian Bichir – A Better LIfe


Michelle Williams – My Week with Marilyn

Meryl Streep – The Iron Lady

Rooney Mara – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Glenn Close – Albert Nobbs

Viola Davis – The Help


Kenneth Branagh – My Week With Marilyn

Jonah Hill – Money Ball

Nick Nolte – Warrior

Christopher Plummer – Beginners

Max von Sydow – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close


Berenice Bejo – The Artist

Jessica Chastain – The Help

Janet McTeer – Albert Nobbs

Melissa McCarthy – Bridesmaids

Octavia Spencer – The Help

*I do think The Artist will dominate this year. The Academy respect a risk, which The Artist most certainly was, and they also respect a nod to nostalgia. Based on that theory, The Artist will do very well, I think. I predict it to take home the Oscar for ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY too. If The Artist DOES win BEST PICTURE, it’ll only be the second silent film to do so. The first and only silent to win BEST PICTURE was Wings (1929).

*While Martin Scorsese did a wonderful job directing Hugo, and it was also a beautiful love letter to silent film, I do think Michel Hazanavicius will take the Oscar home for BEST DIRECTOR for The Artist.

*I think Christopher Plummer will get the “…good to see you’re still alive and even better to see you’re STILL acting Oscar” for his performance in Beginners. Yet another nostalgia nod, though Max von Sydow has also paid his dues, so to speak. My dollar is on Plummer though.

*Lastly, Marilyn Monroe was never nominated for an Academy Award. While she’s a long shot, I do think Michelle Williams is entirely capable of taking home the BEST ACTRESS Oscar for her portrayal of Monroe in My Week With Marilyn. After all, 2012 is the 50th Anniversary of Monroe’s death. When it comes to the Academy Awards, the links are all usually connected. A Marilyn Monroe win…by association, so to speak. It wouldn’t surprise. That said, Williams has some serious contenders in the BEST ACTRESS category.

*So, let me know WHO you choose. Post your comment below.

PS: It’ll be an “everything old is new again” theme this year…and, thanks to a scalpel and a few carefully placed Botox shots, that tag line includes many of the actors and actresses faces too! 🙂

Have fun and enjoy the show!


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Leo and Steven Help Bring Home the Ruby Slippers…

Article HERE

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My Books…

Click on any cover below for a larger view.

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Artwork by Paul Green

My friend, fellow co-author…and artist, Paul Green now has a website dedicated to his artwork.

All images at the below link are available for purchase in variable forms. Just click the image in question and a list of options and prices will appear. There’s a few categories, including “Hollywood Stars”.

Take a look:

Art Prints Available Here

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A Beautiful Tribute to Whitney Houston by Kevin Costner

Abbreviated version below:

Article HERE

In full at below link:

Kevin Costner Speaks About Whitney


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Chaplin Files Reveal Birthplace Mystery…He May Have Been Born in France!

Article HERE


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And the Best Bikini Body of All Time is…

…Marilyn Monroe!

Article HERE


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What about Amy?

I’ve always enjoyed the Grammy Awards. It’s a nice break between all the film and television awards shows of the season. I watched the live telecast here in Australia this afternoon. And, something about it felt wrong. Let me explain…

Certainly, Whitney Houston’s death completely changed the line up for this year’s Grammy Awards. It was an eleventh hour format flip and the producers HAD to be run off their feet in an attempt to pay tribute to Whitney. Not an easy thing to do given the fact that emotions are still very raw.

That said, the world lost another brilliant, yet troubled artist this past year – Amy Winehouse.

It was bittersweet to see Amy’s parents accept her Grammy this evening. Yes, Amy should have been standing there herself, but she certainly would have been looking down from above…cheering, teary…proud. She made an impact on the world too. How many people can say that?

A tribute performance would have been nice…someone like Adele who would be totally capable of pulling off one of Amy’s songs…but there was nothing. She deserved more. Disappointed? Yeah. After all, this was Amy’s very last chance to shine at the Grammy’s…it was HER show too. It was her stage too. She died too.

A quick clip of Amy performing flashed onto the “in memoriam” montage. Amy was first up in a long line of very talented artists who passed away during the past year. She was there, but she was gone in the blink of an eye.

So, is there a pecking order in death? Seems so…

Groucho Marx and Elvis Presley died on the same day…as did Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. Newspapers gave one of them the front page…the other got a column in the corner.

Whitney’s death changed everything in a split second, and with no disrespect to her, it was sad and unfortunate that Amy Winehouse got the column in the corner…

Article Here


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