Two Words – “Jumanji Remake” – No, No and NO!!!

Jumanji would have to be one of my favourite films. Originally made in 1995, it does NOT need to be remade! Not now. Not ever! I saw it in theatres as a new release and I’ve watched it countless times since. I introduced my young son to it a few years ago. Of course, he was immediately hooked, proving the original works just fine for this generation of kids.


Hollywood needs to stop this ridiculous recycling of classic films, and in my opinion, Jumanji is a contemporary classic.

In the wake of Robin Williams’ untimely and tragic death, this is nothing but disrespectful. No one can play the lead in this film like him. That said, I get the feeling they’re going to springboard from the popular Night at the Museum franchise and go the way of Ben Stiller in this one. The link below suggests that original cast members, Bonnie Hunt and Kirsten Dunst, should jump on board for the remake. I really, REALLY hope they don’t!

‘Jumanji’: Reboot Of Classic Robin Williams Film To Be Released In 2016

My reaction to the news…even after my morning coffee!



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3 responses to “Two Words – “Jumanji Remake” – No, No and NO!!!

  1. I completely sympathize with you, Michelle! Unfortunately, one of my treasured childhood favorites is currently being remade right now, currently shooting in Australia, no less: Disney’s PETE’S DRAGON, and it’s not going to be a musical this time. Funnily enough, Helen Reddy is now retired and living Down Under…wonder if they will try to recruit her for a cameo? I just don’t understand why the studios can’t remake the films that originally flopped or were disasters from a box office or critical perspective. Originality is indeed an endangered species in Hollywood: hell, when you make films just to hold onto rights (such as Spider-Man and Fantastic Four) it really reeks of greed and laziness.

    Oddly enough, I thought one of the only memorable remakes in recent years was FOOTLOOSE (2011). I never cared for the original, where the songs felt like they shoehorned in just to sell a soundtrack…and you know how much those albums sold like hotcakes at the dawn of MTV. The original creator was never pleased with the original, and thus he joined up with a director who not only agreed that it should be “fixed” but also the only reason why he started making movies in the first place was because of the original. And, honestly, I think they both very much succeeded. (Kevin Bacon’s angry dance? That wasn’t him. But in the remake the lead actor actually executed the dance.) What I personally loved about the remake, however, was that it emphasized that FOOTLOOSE wasn’t about the music, songs and dancing but about Prohibition and how it never works. I just never bought dancing being outlawed in the original.

    • Agreed, Christopher! Originality is dead! That said, most stories springboard from something before it, but you can put an original twist on a good story without re-hashing the same one. “Jumanji” was really the first taste of CGI that we got…the animal stampede. I remember thinking, “WOW!” It’s not often we go to a movie and see something groundbreaking for the first time. This was one of those times. CGI has its place, but I feel it’s overused now and movies are become video games with actors in them. Not a fan! Geez, I sound like an old person! LOL! 😉

      • I agree that CGI is overused and prefer that it be not be relied upon but used based on necessity. That being said, just today I discovered this new trailer of a classic chestnut and it pushed my nostalgic buttons in a deeply profound way. Considering this property has garnered over six decades of love from children, the reception might in fact be unprecedented:

        What do you think? This is coming out on the same day as the new James Bond film…now there’s a rare competition I’m looking forward to! Also, ignore the music they put in the trailer: thankfully, the creator’s family had complete creative control and have promised no modern elements such as cell phones and hip-hop in the actual film! Have a great weekend! Chris 🙂

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